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Couple months ago, I started to study Japanese.

and of course, it comes from a noble purpose. This is just a man who is a hard worker and trying to prepare himself for any future challenges in his career and has nothing to do with  those sweet, hot, “Japanese love action movies”.

Just like learning any other languages, first, you need to memorize those horrible alphabets. あいうえお bala... bala...

Unfortunately, I don’t find any app that is good enough to help me memorize them easier & more efficiently in iTunes store. So that’s why this is baby is born.


“Japanese Alphabets”

iPhone 5 Screenshot 00E          

Basically, there’re two main categories. Hiragana, Katakana.

Hiragana is kind of like their basic letters for daily basic uses.

Screenshot 01E V2.0    


Katakana is mostly being used for the foreign words, such as アイス (aisu) for Ice.

Screenshot 03E V2.0    



They also both have three subcategories, Basic, Dakuon, Yoon. In short, when they tell you that Japanese calls their alphabets “50 Letters”, it’s actually more than 200 of different letters & pronunciations you need to memorize. (man, talking about marketing.....)

Screenshot 02E V2.0    


In the Letter Table, the little letter card can be set to show either only the letter itself or the letter with its pronunciation.  

Each letter has its “Familiarity” level which will be set automatically by the system based on the score you do in the Quiz. You can setup the way you wanted to display the little letter card according to its “Familiarity” level.

Screenshot 06E V2.0        



In the Letter Card, there are example words for each letter. You can hear the exactly pronunciation of each letter and its example words.

Screenshot 04E V2.0    



In the back of the card, there is an indication showing how familiar you are with this letter. For those really hard to memorize, put them into the “Favorite” would be a good idea.

Screenshot 05E V2.0    





Favorite Letter Table

When a letter has been added into the “Favorite”, there will be an orange ribbon showed on the right-top side of it for the reminder.

Screenshot 22E V2.0    



Other then adding it into “Favorite” from the back of the card, there’s another way of adding into favorite. You can drag-and-drop the letter into the Favorite Letter Table.

Screenshot 17E V2.0    



Slide your finger from left to right, you can pull out the Favorite Letter Table. In the table, you can see all your favorite letters.

Screenshot 21E V2.0       Screenshot 19E V2.0     


For the deletion. Just simply hit the trash button on the bottom left corner, then press the delete button on the letter you want to delete.

Screenshot 20E V2.0     





Well, of course, if memorizing those funny-looking letters can be simply done by that little letter table, life would be much easier now, won’t it ?

Study suggests that in order to move them form your short-term memory to the long-term memory, practices after reading it is totally necessary. That’s when the Quiz kick in.

Screenshot 08E V2.0     



Before we start our Quiz, we can first setup the coverage.

Screenshot 09E V2.0    


Chose quiz for either reading the letter or listening its pronunciation.

Screenshot 10E V2.0          Screenshot 11E V2.0    


In Quiz, the number of the questions is unlimited. You can do as much as you want.

Just like TOEIC test, the next question will depend on your score in the Quiz system. For instance, if you’re good in letter “” and have trouble with letter “”. Then the letter “” would has much more changes showing in the next question than the letter “”.

But what if I just keep answering “” wrong no matter how often it shows up in Quiz? well.... eh..... so....  God bless you!!


After you do the quiz, you will get the score according to your answer in the Quiz. Higher the score you have, the higher the Japanese Lever you get.



Personal Tutor System

All the letter profiles, scores, user level are belong to you along.

Screenshot 13E V2.0   



So what if I want to share this with girl/boy friend or friends ? 

well, you can simply add a new user in the system and then switch to a different user accordingly afterward.

Screenshot 12E V2.0    



System Description:

Screenshot 15E V2.0         Screenshot 16E V2.0    


All right, that’s about all. Keep focusing,  Let’s go for the JLPT 1 !!!!

Oh, by the way, if you like this app and don’t really hate me, putting a 5 star on iTunes might not be such a bad idea :)

oh, almost forgot, It’s also support iPad.  


P.S. If you're one of the big fans of "One Piece", just like me. Try typing a name after anyone of the main characters in One Piece, you might see some surprise !! :)


Downlaod in Apple Store





V 2.0 version

Bugs Fixed

iOS 6 & iPhone 5 supported

Add alphabets’ word origin

User Interface upgraded

Add One-Piece mode


V 1.3 version

Bugs Fixed

Fixed crashes during certain low memory circumstances

New feature : finger swiping to change letter in letter card 




If you are a ONE PIECE fan, create an account with a name of any main characters, you might find something you like.


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